Random Ohmiya Nonsense

Title: Random Ohmiya Nonsense
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Note: The outcome of my conversation with Maggie this evening about how Ohno would look cute dressed as a genie. As always, for Jade jade_lil

Ohno: "Nino! Stop touching my butt!"
Nino: "I'm just rubbing your magic lamp, Genie-san!"
Ohno: "Fine. I grant you 3 wishes. Just stop fondling me!"
Nino: "I wish for fortune, fame, and eternal youth."
Ohno: *poof* "Wishes granted!"
Nino: "I don't feel any different."

Later, Nino's telling the story to Aiba...

Aiba: "I can't believe you wasted your wishes on things you already had!!!!"

[One Shot] Sometimes, It Doesn't Take Much

Title: [One Shot] Sometimes, It Doesn't Take Much
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Note: For Jade jade_lilBecause of her prompt for Ohmiya company van smut...

Arashi is on location for a shoot. Ohno is busy filming his part while the others watch from the side. The scene playing out in front of them is nothing unusual, but then Ohno reaches for something and Nino sees Ohno's shirt lift up, exposing a thin strip of skin. Which, it seems, is all it takes to get Nino aroused.

Nino's annoyed because, really, isn't he too old for spontaneous boners over Ohno? Shouldn't that have stopped after he hit puberty? He's in his 30's now, dammit! So, as soon as they call for a break, he heads off on his own to the company van, rather than to the breakroom set up for them. He just needs a moment alone to collect himself.

Ohno watches him walk away from the group. Curious, he excuses himself from the others to follow Nino.

Ohno slides the door to the van open quietly and finds Nino in the very back seat, head back against the seat, eyes closed. "You ok?", Ohno asks softly.

Nino startles, because he was so lost in his thoughts, trying to will the untimely erection away, that he didn't hear the van door open. He quickly moves his hands down in an attempt to hide his "problem", but the action only draws Ohno's attention to it. He sees Ohno's eyes widen as he realizes what's going on and watches as Ohno's lips curl into a knowing smirk. Nino looks away and feels the heat of embarrassment on his cheeks.

Ohno moves closer, sits down next to Nino. He places his hand over Nino's own which is still trying, unsuccessfully, to cover himself. "Nino", Ohno says, trying to get his attention. "What happened?"

Nino sighs in resignation, but still refuses to look at Ohno. "It's you", he replies. "Why do you have to be so stupidly sexy ALL THE TIME! Seriously...", Nino huffs, and crosses his arms defensively, still looking away.

Ohno grins at Nino's admission and looks down at the still present bulge tenting Nino's pants. He moves his hand towards it as he leans in to nuzzle Nino's neck.

"Sorry?", Ohno says, but they both know he's not really. And Nino finally turns to face him, glaring in accusation.

Ohno presses his hand down firmly, which elicits a gasp from Nino. "Well, since I'm the one who caused this, it's only right that I help you take care of it..."

[One Shot] Ticket To Ride

Title : [One Shot] Ticket To Ride
Rating : PG-13?
Pairing : Ohno/Nino
Note : For Jadejade_lil Somehow, this is all her fault (LOL)

Ohno wearily drags himself over to the airport's security checkpoint to start his shift. He's never been fond of the morning shift and today is no exception. His co-worker, Aiba, greets him with an enthusiastic "Good morning, Oh-chan!" and a smile as bright as the sun, nonplussed by Ohno's sleepy demeanor and grunted response.

"ID and boarding pass, please", Ohno says, barely paying attention. It's two hours later, but he's still partially running on auto-pilot and not quite ready for full human interaction yet.

A stubby hand holding the requested items appears in his line of sight. Ohno collects them and scans the boarding pass, then glances at the ID, checking to make sure the name matches the one on the ticket. When he looks up to match the picture with the person, Ohno stills.

Oh! Pretty...

Ohno catches himself and looks back down to the passenger's name. "Ninomiya-san?" he asks, glancing back up at the man waiting in front of him. He finds the man looking at him with an oddly inquisitive expression while absent-mindedly nodding in acknowledgment. “Just Nino is fine”, the passenger says while awaiting Ohno's approval to pass through to the boarding gates.

Ohno smiles as he stamps Ninomiya's ticket and hands it over with the passenger's ID, eyes still drinking in the sight of the adorably bewildered man in front of him. Ninomiya hold his gaze while he reaches out to collect the items then looks down, suddenly shy from the unexpected attention, and moves forward to continue on his way.

The next time Ohno sees him is about two weeks later. This time, Nino is placing his carry-on bag into the plastic bin on the conveyor belt, sending it to be screened. His sudden appearance stops Ohno in his tracks, bringing his conversation with Aiba to an abrupt halt. Aiba curiously looks over at his friend. He's used to Ohno being a little spacy, but this was a bit sudden, even for him. He finds Ohno staring intently at a passenger, attention riveted on the guy as he empties his pockets into the provided tray and proceeds to bend over and remove his shoes. The action provides a delightfully pleasant view of the passenger’s behind, Aiba thinks. He glances back at Ohno, only to find his friend licking his lips in appreciation of the view. Aiba elbows Ohno to bring him out of his trance and gives his friend a questioning look. Ohno secretly smiles as he shrugs in response, motions towards the man, and says “Nino”.

Aiba sees the same passenger – “Nino”, he reminds himself – again the following week, standing in line awaiting his turn at the security checkpoint. Aiba notices that while the other passengers have their attention focused on their cel phones or on their companions during this time, Nino's attention is solely on Ohno who is working two rows over. It clear that Nino’s trying to be subtle about it by watching Ohno out of the corner of his eyes while trying to remain inconspicuous, but Aiba doesn’t miss the kittenish smile gracing Nino’s lips and the pink tinge on the tips of Nino’s ears. “Ah! It's mutual”, Aiba realizes, so he needs a plan to get them together.


Nino steps through the x-ray machine and is met with a shower of confetti and balloons.

"Congratulations, sir! You're our 1,000,000th passenger!"

Nino is still confused as a security agent approaches him. “I’m Agent Aiba. Follow me, please”, the man says as he navigates Nino through the fanfare and down a hallway towards what appears to be an office. Nino turns to him to question what's happening. "Ah! Sorry!” Aiba says as he hands something to Nino. "You win a free, full body search!"

Before Nino can process that information and react, Aiba pushes him inside the room and closes the door. Nino looks around and finds Ohno sitting at a desk in the otherwise bare room. Ohno is staring at him, his head tilted questioningly, and asking "Nino? Can I help you?"

Nino looks down to give himself a minute to figure out what just happened (and collect himself because seriously, could that chubby-faced little security agent be any cuter?) when he realizes what Aiba handed him. He looks at the bag of condoms and lube and snickers, amused by the way the universe (or perhaps just Aiba), has thrown the door of opportunity wide open for him.

He looks back up at Ohno, eyes set in determination, and says "I'm here to collect my prize."

[Drabble] What Ohno wants, Ohno gets

Title : [Drabble] What Ohno wants, Ohno gets
Rating : PG-13?
Pairing : Ohno/Nino
Note : As always, for Jade jade_lil, who encourages this bad behaviour of me writing things...

"Nino. C'mon, open up"

Nino feels a hand on his chin, gently pulling his attention away from the game he was immersed in. Refocusing, he finds Ohno standing in front of him. Ohno's naked from the waist down, his free hand gripping his swollen cock and pointing it at Nino's mouth.

"Please, my love?"

Nino knows he has no resistance to Ohno's request, so he puts his controller aside. He wraps one hand around Ohno's hip, the other one replaces Ohno's hold on his dick, and licks his lips.

"Of course, Oh-chan. Anything for you.", Nino says softly, as he moves forward, mouth open wide.