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Title: You are my drug
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG?
Summary: AU. Ohno is a pharmacist who takes a liking to one of his customers.
Author’s Note: So, this was written as a birthday gift to my love - jade_lil. It's my first time writing, so I'm just hoping you won't think "I'll never get that 5 minutes of my life back" after reading this....LOL



Ohno is a pharmacist.

When he thinks about his life, he figures it's not so bad. Basically, he spends his days sorting pills of all shapes, sizes, and colours into bottle to fill prescriptions written by the town's doctors and chatting with the customers that stop by the store. He likes that it allows him to pass his days quietly and still have time to enjoy weekend fishing trips.

However, this spring has brought an increase in the number of people suffering from allergies to his pharmacy.

It's been a long day and Ohno almost sighs when he looks up and sees a young man approaching the counter, prescription in hand. Ohno takes the paper from him and looks him over. He's seen the same symptoms on an untold number of people over the last week - runny nose, irritated eyes - but on this man it makes him pause. Then the man sneezes, his small chubby hands coming up to cover his mouth, and Ohno gets it. "Cute", he thinks, and smiles at his new customer.

Ohno collects the information he needs from the man, (Ninomiya, as he discovers), and enters it into the pharmacy's computer. They chat amicably while Ohno fills the prescription, and by the time Ohno is reviewing the dosage information with the young man he finds himself dubbed with a new nickname of "Oh-chan" while Ninomiya somehow became just "Nino".

A few days later, Nino comes back to the pharmacy. Ohno makes his way over to where Nino is frowning at the shopping list he's holding.

"Ah, Oh-chan! Perfect timing! Help meeeeeeeeee......" Nino says. Ohno giggles at Nino's theatrics, but peers at the list to see what might be causing such distress. From what he can see, there's nothing out of the ordinary, so just resigns himself to helping Nino collect the items - for Nino's Mom, as he finds out - while they debate over which toothpaste to get, the benefits of single-ply vs double-ply toilet paper, and such.

Over the next two weeks, Nino stops by often to pick up an item or two and to chat. Ohno finds himself not only enjoying these moments, but also looking forward to them.

This time, he finds Nino in from of the display of lip balm with a pensive look on this face. "Oh-chan, which one of these will moisturize best?", Nino asks. Ohno watches intently as Nino samples one of the tubes by putting some of the balm on his finger then running his finger over his bottom lip. Ohno can't help but stare. "How would they feel pressed against his own?", Ohno wonders. He's still silently staring at them as he unconsciously leans forward...then starts as he catches himself when Nino asks him to help choose between two of the options.

Although Nino didn't say anyhing after the "lip balm incident", as Ohno has titled it in his head, it seemed to Ohno that Nino started purposely setting up scenes meant to rile Ohno up - Ohno has been asked to help Nino decide which cologne smells best by sniffing samples Nino has applied to his own neck; he's helped Nino determine which hairspray is less sticky by running his fingers through Nino's short locks; and assisting Nino with determining what brand of mints leaves Nino's breath the freshest by Nino asking him to get so close that Ohno had no choice but to excuse himself before he did something embarrassing like kissing his (albeit adorable) customer right in the middle of the store.

The real problem, as Ohno saw it, was that he couldn't be sure if Nino was asking legitimate questions - or if he was truly flirting with him.

The next day, Ohno sat in his office and sighed. He knew he was being childish by practically hiding in here in hopes of avoiding Nino, but he just wanted to get away from the confusing feelings Nino was stirring in him. He was no closer to figuring things out between them and was just hoping for some peace and quiet.

"Ohno, there's a customer here with a question for you", his assistant called from the front counter. Ohno walked around his desk and headed out of the office.

Ohno watched as Nino approached the counter shyly; eyes cast downwards, a dusting of pink on his cheeks and on the tips of his ears. Without meeting Ohno's eyes, Nino extended his arm, holding out his enclosed hand to Ohno. "I was wondering if you would show me how to use this?", Nino asked quietly.

Ohno glanced down at the item Nino handed him - a bottle of lube - and couldn't stop a smile of pure joy from breaking out across his face.

"It would be my pleasure", Ohno replied.